**Givenchy Shopping Finds and Intels**

DisCo Posted By DisCo Posted Apr 10, 2011

  1. Spy pics from Nordstrom @ Tysons Corner, VA

  2. O....M....G.... :faint:

    You made my day
  3. omg that blue nightingale is to die for! :nuts:
  4. Aluxe thank you for posting, they are TDF. Tyson's is a very very dangerous place to go, you may end up buying a lot :graucho:

    Chloe602, small blue Nightingale poped up on Farfetch, even though it's called "mini" it looks like small size

  5. Anyone sees the metal logo nightingales at Toronto Holt? They have blue, beige, black, and orange if I remember correctly. Are those medium or small? Thx
  6. OMG! I feel like crying! Is that a BLACK studded Antigona I see??? A brown one is available locally!!!???
  7. Aluxe: Were the nightingale and pandora a different blue from the antigona? gale and panda look lighter but is it just the lighting in the store?
  8. Hey you! Yes they are the antigona and lucrezia were a darker blue than the gale and panda which were a pale blue.

    I was there looking for a celine phantom, of which there were none, but I figured I might as well make my trip worthwhile and snap away :p

    Heads up girls and boys, Beyond The Rack has Lucrezias for about $1700 today, plus Antigona totes.

    Happy shopping.
  9. The studded antigona was a dark brown actually. It was absolutely gorgeous.

  10. :yw:for pics. I know I love spy pics - doesn't even matter if its from halfway around the world. I just love looking at bags.

    I managed to not spend money that trip because I was focused on one thing only. I got some nail polish from Marshalls though. But, you are right, I typically leave Tysons with a dent in my wallet. So many stores with things I like and you can even score a good bargain most times.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
  11. thats the one on my the antigona in a dark brown, so classy.
  12. Thanks sweetie! U lucky ducky! My parents live in Reston. I always visit Tysons 2 when I am there

  13. thanks for spy pics, loving the orange and blue.
  14. I agree with you --- the dark brown studded is luscious too! What is a girl to do?