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GET TO KNOW YOU thread ~ Post a Little About Yourself

Lexie2000 Posted By Lexie2000 Posted Apr 21, 2007

  1. Welcome Mary!
  2. Count me in on that ,too. That is my most pressing "want" of the moment. (along with a Gustto baca, "ducking"...)
  3. As a newer (in the last 3 years) and more "in the background" Kooba lover, I loved coming across this thread and seeing what a community this group once was. It was also neat to read about some of the members who are still around today offering advice/expertise. Just wanted to bump this up to share with other "newbies" and to share what is likely a good memory with those who were part of the '07 group. Such a great thread!
  4. Oh, such neat memories...

    I still peek in here once in a great, great while... and oddly enough I still collect old Koobas. This forum was such a riot when we first got our own Kooba page, such a spunky bunch of gals. I used to do this for hours on end. :hbeat:
  5. Sigh.......great memories! Have not parted with either of my original Koobas....my flower embossed Sienna or my ebano Jessie. Still love them and wear them like they were brand new! It was a fun sub forum way back then.....sigh.....
  6. memories, memories...
  7. Well you ladies converted me- I'm now a proud owner of 14 lovely Koobas! Thank you! I love them lots!
  8. Awesome!!!
  9. I used to belong to this blogsite as ViciousBliss and it has been so long and so much has gone on since the last time i was on here, but im back !!

    since i left i've moved across the country, gotten married, gotten 2 dogs, and gotten a job :smile:

    waitin on me and the hubbster to get our taxes back so i can indulge in a new handbag for myself... I remember Bessie and Lexie... LEXIE i bought that Blonde Kooba Bonnie from you :biggrin: still love it to this day! i may have to get a kooba as my tax present to myself :smile: after i get out of work i am goign to try to post some pix of the doggies and whatever else i can get my hands on! so glad to be back!
  10. wow and i remember Compass Rose as well :heart:

  11. Some of my koobas are so darling ... 06-08 such gret Kooba years!! Tdf leather