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Fun time with polka dots @ LV

AzahM Posted By AzahM Posted Jul 17, 2012

  1. Kusama coin purse ??
  2. Lol
  3. sooooooo pretty!!!
  4. i know!!! i'm so impatient!!!!:roflmfao: !!! did not mean to rush you!!!!!!;)
  5. View attachment image-4005757026.jpg

    With the chain around my wrist, nice to hang on the bag and most of all it is my "Minnie" Kusama Yayoi+ LV :biggrin:

    Thank you for reading this thread. I bid you all good night.

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  6. You are so good QM!
  7. I love the Iris wallet. Could you please tell me if the standard bank deposit slip or business check will fit inside this wallet?
  8. Hahahaha I saw it on the clubhouse :p
    I suck on guessing .. But I love the coin
    purse .. Specially the long chain :biggrin:
    Coin purse or agenda is on my
    TO DO lists !!! Congrats my dear !!!
  9. Lvoely choice.. Congrats Azah..
  10. Lovely picture shoot. Congrats on your items
  11. Ops I never carried check and always transfer money via Internet banking. But if you don't mind I will look for old check I got ( which I still keep it) and try it. Will PM you ok?
  12. I love both, congrats!:happydance:
  13. I like the agenda too but since the monogram line with the yayoi interior coming out in end of aug so I decided to wait and see. I think it is nicer with pop up interior such as in this lines.
  14. Thanks adde :smile:

    Thank you drspock7 lol especially the photos were taken using lousy phone camera. Too bad can't do micro zoom etc..