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For fun! Which do you prefer:

LVoeletters Posted By LVoeletters Posted Jun 28, 2012


which do you prefer?

  1. Gold Beads bracelet!

  2. Garden flower earrings in amethyst or peridot!

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  1. As I am saving for the garden necklace from Tiffanys... it's not against the law to look at other stuff too right... :biggrin:
    I wanted to within a couple of months get one more piece before I start saving for a love bangle... Which do you prefer?
    This looked so beautiful alone and with my vca bracelet... it complimented it perfectly. I looked around for similar gold beads... but nothing compared like this bracelet.

    The second I was considering were these:
    I've always loved this collection, and always wanted the pendant and the thin bangle... but I like how classy these look but still soft and romantic. I'd get either the amethysts or the peridot... I love the style of the earrings and see this also being a timeless piece.

    What would you prefer?:biggrin:
  2. The bead bracelet!!
  3. Yes, I also vote for the bracelet! Such a classic!
  4. Bracelet because it is a classic piece.
  5. The earrings are too cute!
  6. Love the gold beads.
  7. I voted for the bead bracelet, it will look great with your VCA and its classic, plus I prefer bracelets over earrings any day :giggles:
  8. I also think that the bead bracelet will look great together with your future Love bangle!
  9. I would get the earrings. I love them! And they are a great everyday earring. The bracelet is lovely too but i feel the earrings have something a little more special about them.
  10. Bead classic!
  11. bead bracelet
  12. The earrings! The bracelet is lovely too but I think I read somewhere that the beads are not solid but hollow - I might be wrong though. The earrings are so graceful and pretty and I love the fact they have diamonds and amethyst as well as the rose gold setting - gorgeous! I agree with lilmountaingirl that they have something special about them whereas the bracelet, although very nice, seems a bit more ordinary.
  13. beads!

    I'm not an earring person and I love bracelets :biggrin:
  14. both are nice but I would pick the bracelet
  15. Earrings