First ever Chloe bag. Need help on Paraty Color!

Posted By moderngirl25 Posted Nov 18, 2011

  1. Hi all,

    This will be my very first ever Chloe bag. I've narrowed it down to , Dove, Tan, and Rock. Which color do you think I should get? :smile:
    also I'm petite 5'2 do you think the medium fit me? any pic would be great. TIA!
  2. Medium is a perfect size. All the colors you mentioned are beautiful! Look at your closet, what colors you wear, your coats, etc. & then decide which color you like best. Dove is beautiful, but light. I heard Rock is nice, kind of a grey/brown chameleon color. I have caramel, which is similar to tan - caramel is an orangy cognac warm neutral. I really love it. Mine goes with everything. Good luck & let us know what you end up with!
  3. thanks so much
  4. the medium is a really fantastic size, and i'd go with either rock or tan!
  5. Completely agree with Beachgiirl. Medium will fit perfectly - not a "big" or "small" bag - it is a true medium and not heavy and definitely not awkward to carry.

    All the colors you mention - Dove, Tan and Rock - are perfect, classic colors. The Tan is a warm, with slight orange tones, medium-tone color. As Beachgirl notes, it is very similar to Caramel. the Rock is a dark grey/brown, definitely a cooler-tone bag. The Dove is a light-to-medium beige - sort of a cafe au lait color - not super pale, but much lighter than the Tan and Rock. Dove is a cool-tone color, a light neutral Taupe. I guess it would make sense to get the color that works best with your current wardrobe. Good luck!! I think all three colors are equally beautiful in their own way!
  6. I love the Dove, it looks really spring and light. However, personally i am scared of light color. From these 3 choices, i probably will go for Rock because i have too many camel/tan color bag!! I am sure whatever color you choose, you will love it!!!!
  7. I just order the Dove. Can't wait to get it! Thanks so much ladies :smile:
  8. Ooooh I saw Dove in Saks. Soooo beautiful. Show us pics when you get it?
  9. Thanks for all your inputs beachgirl. I just post the reveal photo. I'll try to take some modeling pics soon :smile: