Finally- My Birkin :)

amamxr Posted By amamxr Posted Oct 30, 2007

  1. Phew!! I am exhausted from all this anticipation. My Grail Birkin has arrived. My Gosh:nuts: her handles are big compared to what I am used to on my HAC. I couldn't wait to put my Heart Cadena on since I am a lover of hearts and took some quickie pictures. I need a nap!!:sleepy::flowers:

    A big shout out to CD- it was everything and more!! Thank You:heart:

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  2. Beautiful! Is it black? Which leather?

    Perfect size for you also, congratulations.
  3. WOOOOO HOOOO!! You look gorgeous!!

    Wear it in good health!!
  4. HOT HOT HOT!!!
  5. Yes 30cm Black Togo w/pal hardware.
    I do think the size is good for me and its not heavy at all.

    Thank you:heart:
  6. Congrats! Have this exact bag and it tres chic. Can go anywhere and anytime!
  7. Congratulations! Stunning.:smile:
  8. Dear Ms. A:

    Thank you for the quick reveal and in-action picture as promised!!!

    I like it; although I am a color person, but BLK is so netural and can't go wrong with any color of clothing!!!

    Just a side question, how do you like you KELLY watch?! Does it bother you with the watch face moving while walking??? Pls advs as this is someting I am considering of getting next....

    Thank you and CONGRAT!!!
  9. really nice! you look great wearing her! congrats!!!
  10. Oh, J, I'm so happy for you-- finally, your dream bag!

    It's a work of art! You have EXCEPTIONAL taste. And that Cadena is STUNNING! Now I know what I want for my long-anticipated first H bag :tup:

    Enjoy that beauty and wear her in the BEST of health. :drinkup:
  11. I LOVVVVEEE IT!!!!:nuts::nuts::nuts: HUGE CONGRATS!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    What a beauty and she looks perfect on you amamxr!!!:heart::heart:
  12. Congrats...she's sooo beautiful! And thank you for the quick reveal!!!! Wooohooo....!
  13. yay! congrats! gorgeous bag! so happy for you!
  14. Can you say GORGEOUS?!??! :drool:

    Congrats J! She's a beaut. :yahoo:
  15. Beautiful and a perfect classic bag! Congratulations and enjoy!