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feebee456 Posted By feebee456 Posted Aug 2, 2012

  1. Hey's my bags!
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  3. Nice, great photos, love that Valentino!
  4. Beautiful collection ! Luv your Valentino ! Thanks for sharing.
  5. omg I just love your diversity in designer handbags, you bags are so classic. I love your watercolor speedy and your alma, your bottega bags are so pretty and I love your chloe bags and your valentino is divine, congrats on amazing handbags and thanks for sharing, I love everything hahahaha 8)!!!!!!
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    What a lovely and varied collection! You have at least one of everything! You have great taste!
  7. Great collection! Lots of variety.
  8. Love the bottega and Chanel bags. Are the bottega bags from the latest season?
  9. The black is about 3 yrs old and the blue is f/w last year
  10. Beautiful bags. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Great collection! Good photos too:tup:

    Thanks for sharing!
  12. You have a nice collection of brands. Lovely