Favourite color of all time for longchamp le pliage?

fsadeli Posted By fsadeli Posted Sep 24, 2008

  1. yay, thanks! just saw it this morning. Although, after looking at the fall colors, and considering my own collection, I think I'm just going to be happy with my chocolate. As much as I love the brighter color bags, I'm mainly using the larges as true toes - for gym stuff, travel, etc. They get pretty banged up with, so I'm going to stick to the darker shades that show less wear. :smile:
  2. I love my graphite! It looks gray and blue depending on the light.
  3. bilberry, but then i am biased as i love purple!
  4. I was looking at all colors, I liked bilberry, navy, duck blue, camel, chocolate, every hour I was deciding on different one. Finally I chose graphite and next day went to Bloomindales and purchased..... black one.
    And I think that was the right decision - match to everything and look just gorgeous.
  6. My fall purchase was a small short handle in black.
    If i ever get a med, it will be bilberry!
  7. Definitely is Navy ...
  8. Wouldn't a navy Longchamp clash with black clothes, and vice versa for black Longchamp and navy clothes? I don't have much black (only a lot of navy) so that wouldn't be a huge issue for me -- I was just wondering if anyone has tried to pair those two colors together.
  9. No! I love navy and black together !!! You can see the bag so much better !!!!!
  10. Anyone has burgundy? Closer to deep red or deep purple? I can hardly imagine it..
  11. I am absolutely obsessing about Bilberry - will be my first Longchamp. Yeeeey!
  12. As a leaving gift from my colleagues I just received a Le Pliage - Black with brown leather - I'm so overwhelmed! hadn't expected this as a gift! I love it and will truly miss my colleagues!
  13. Navy!
  14. what a great and thoughtful gift !
    I love nothing more than giving/receiving practical gifts.
    You will use her for years !!
  15. Definitely navy! Goes with everything.