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Fall/Winter-2013 Colors!

Elliespurse Posted By Elliespurse Posted May 21, 2013

  1. WOW. Look at that Lavender and Piglet. So pretty. My next one is going to be Suede.
  2. ^Yes the fall colors are really pretty!
  3. Veruca salt lol love it!
  4. Haha I love these names, very creative! The Veruca Salt is my fav.
  5. :heart: the blues and purples.
  6. Veruca Salt oh my. :faint: That might be my next Suede one.:graucho:
  7. Veruca salt, bark suede and royal are my favorites!
  8. i'm in love with Oahu and Krishna:loveeyes:
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    Piglet, haha! If I had one, I'd be calling that bag Piglet all the time! Where's my Piglet? Let me get some money from my Piglet! :smile:
  10. Mmmm... suede.
  11. PS always has such great color options! I love the royal blue.
    I wish they had more options in silver hardware though....sigh.
  12. LOVE the Royal Blue too. Wonder how it compares to the Cobalt Blue Suede.??/

    I always wondered how Light Peacock Suede compared to Cobalt Suede too - the pics make them look identical.