Fall 2013 DIamond CC Collection

suhyusop Posted By suhyusop Posted Jul 1, 2013

  1. I tried looking for further info on this particular collection, but to no avail. Anyone has updated info on this? Is it out already? Price? Pics to share?

    Thanks in advance! :biggrin:
  2. I am sooo glad you started this thread because I am looking forward to seeing this collection as well. I'm ready to purchase my first Chanel flap but now I'm waiting because I want to see this collection first:smile:
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    Light brown (smaller) vs dark brown (larger)

    Below may also be a similar looking but very different bag in burgandy/brown next to boy chanel

    The above hv a gorgeous cc quilted effect whilst the one below doesnt hv metal semicircular metal on the flap closure

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  4. ^^^No, that's not the Diamond CC. That's the Sporran flap.

    OP - there might be info in the Fall thread in the shopping section.
  5. Yes I believe thats the 'Sporran'
  6. Anyone got pics in real life?
  7. Sorry haven't seen these in store yet, I think this is from Act 1? Depending on your location, it should be trickling into stores this month.
  8. They're in store and gorgeous. Very vintage looking. I think the larger is 4k and the small 2600 or 2700.
  9. Thanks sooo much for the photo. Ever so gorgeous!!! Cant wait to see the rest.