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Fall 2012 Stams

nascar fan Posted By nascar fan Posted Apr 17, 2012

  1. Here are some colors that will be available from the MJ boutiques.
    Let me know if you need a referral to a great SA.

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  2. Thanks! Do you have your eye on any one in particular? I know we were persuading you to wait for the fall bags...
  3. I actually still want the Light Tobacco Stam.
    The bordeaux would be great - might consider letting red Stardust go. I need a red, but the stardust is a very tomatoey red. I think I need a darker red.

    So that is my thought process. :biggrin:
  4. I think it's a good thought process. I think the tobacco is gorgeous, but so is the bordeaux. Makes sense to me, but I don't know that too many will be on board with you letting that SD go! :p
  5. Yeah, it is one that needs to just sit on a shelf like a trophy. It is beautiful.
    But what a waste that it just sits there.
    Oh well. I am a hoarder anyway. I'll figure something out.
  6. i like the tobacco too nas. it's really interesting...i really wish he'd do some different blues though. i feel like he's repeating himself there...
  7. Oooooh! I wish I was not a klutz and could keep a white bag looking so pristine!
  8. I feel the same way. It is very pretty!
  9. Maybe in person the blue looks different. ??
    I know the spring blue I have and the marine blue that is out now sure looks a lot alike. Too much alike to justify having both, that's for sure.

    Maybe it's specifically for people that want blue but don't want gold h/w. I guess the silver h/w gang will be thrilled to have the common colors but with silver h/w.
  10. very nice.
  11. i wonder how different the light grey looks from the white. in that pic, it looks so close. i would love a darker grey with nickel HW. one can :cloud9: right? heehee...
  12. Oooh... I have a feeling I am going to like the black-nickel combo!!

    Thanks for posting nas!!
  13. The silver hardware is very sharp against the bright white...I like it!
  14. I like the nickel h/w on black version. I guess MJ is sticking with "safe" colors lately? I haven't seen the tobacco color yet, but I think variations of brown (cognac) would be great staple colors too
  15. Any new colors for The Large Single?? Any other thread I can find information.

    Thank you