Fall (2012) in love....

Shari Nakagawa Posted By Shari Nakagawa Posted Jun 7, 2012

  2. Hi! I apologize it has taken me so long to reply to this. Hope these photos help...

    Photo 1:
    L: Med Paprika
    R: Med Orange Mechanic

    Photo 2:
    L: Med Peacock Blue
    R: Lg Oceania


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  3. Yes! They totally do!! Thank you. :smile: The Peacock Blue and Oceania look SOOOO similar... Almost identical. Weird that Chloe would release a color so similar in the following season of the same year.

    Thanks again for the pics. By the way, do you have any pics of Licorice that you can post?
  4. Yes, they are very similar. Peacock blue has a little green in it.. SUPER FAB!!!

    Please see pics below of licorice.


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  5. shari,
    YOU'RE AWESOME!!! thanks for all the mod shots too!! how's lychee IRL?? so intrigued by this color!!
  6. beautiful!
  7. Thanks for the Licorice pics. Looks like a beautiful brown. Not sure where the "licorice" comes in... ;)
  8. :biggrin: I was unsure where the name came in as well...I picture it to be black!
  9. Or a red, right? :smile:
  10. Yes!!! I'm getting black from liquorice allsorts (sweets here in the UK!) :smile:
  11. Is the picture of the greige true to color? I am thinking about to get Greige or Dove. Greige looks so olive/khaki here...:confused1:
  12. Love peacock blue!
  13. is licorice the only brown this fall? i saw a brown at my local boutique and the SA called it milk chocolate, i really love it but am not sure of the name. she did say it was the latest brown from fall..
  14. Gorgeous colours!! Love the mustard! But i already have 1 paraty and cmg soon anthr one....
  15. The fall colors are beautiful . . . I had a hard time deciding on getting the Peacock or Eggplant. I love them both, so I may have to order a second bag. =P