F/W 2012 - Bal Intel

CeeJay Posted By CeeJay Posted Jan 27, 2012

  1. Totally agreed with what you said about the colour.
  2. Marie (SA) at Bal boutique at City Centre Vegas (702) 262-1636 - also sent me new colors to my email. She is a good at follow up and updating her customers.
  3. Thanks patralak... Did your SA happen to include Crocus?!?!!
  4. crocus = bleute
  5. now I'm more confused, why some said bleute is bleu acier? :weird:
  6. Crocus should be the original name from the swatch and Bal might have changed it to Bluete (I'm guessing it might be due to Hermes having the same colour name - Crocus in their line). Blue Acier originated from Hgbags but they since changed it to Bluethe so I guess the official name is Bluete afterall :smile:
  7. Aptly summarised :biggrin: Didn't know Hermes has a Crocus colour as well lols but then again, these coincidences are pretty common - a colour is a colour; there aren't many ways to describe a particular shade. However, I love how Bal is pretty creative in naming its colours; like Orange Brûlée, Cassis, Mangue etc - obviously they know that we respond well with food (sweet ones in particular) :roflmfao:
  8. Here is a shot of Vert Poker City. Marie at City Center (in Las Vegas) Bal Store says they are getting limited quantities in City, First, and Work.

  9. It's here at last! ;)

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  10. Wow the color is amazing!
  11. Wow! That's one happy looking Mini Pom! Congrats!!!
  12. :sunshine::sunshine:Beautiful!

  13. Thank you and Cupcake for clarifying this!!
  14. OMG :nuts:
    That is one gorgeous Mangue.
  15. FABULOUS!!! The mini pom is so perfect in fun POP colors!!!