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ENGAGEMENT RINGS! What does yours look like?

Swanky Mama Of Three Posted By Swanky Mama Of Three Posted Feb 12, 2011

  1. Love your rings and your dogs too! Is your center stone cushion or round? Very beautiful!
  2. Love the combination of the different stones. Gorgeous!

  3. Absolutely love your ring! I want one exactly like it. The same thing happened to me back in 2008, the one day I didn't wear my ring - we got burgled and they took my ring =( I was devastated. Hoping to one day replace it!! Hopefully get somethingvery similar to yours - absolutely beautiful~!
  4. Thanks, its a round in a halo setting, custom made. Here are a few more pics so you can see the round stone more clearly...

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  5. Wow, I really appreciate the beauty of your rings with these new pictures you posted and I love your set! Absolutely Gorgeous!
    I love halo settings :biggrin:
    I was trying to decide should I go custom on my setting but then I saw my setting already with the diamonds and we decided to just go for it. Well you know what they say, can always upgrade again in the future :p
  6. My humble ring. :0) I am drooling over all of the beautiful diamonds here!

    1 carat princess cut diamond set in a simple platinum band. Attached to my platinum wedding band. And my 10 year anniversary band in platinum (with 10 diamonds!). :wub:

    View attachment image-2913401491.jpg
  7. Oh and I cheated! My engagement was the simple band with the stone! I got married 11-2001!
  8. What a pretty solitaire ring!
  9. Thanks, I went through a lot of grief, and many tries to get it right, and finally I found someone in Toronto who did an outstanding job..I'm very fortunate to have a unique and beautiful creation on my hand finally!
  10. Thank you!
  11. WTF, all you have engaged to Donald Trump?
  12. :shrugs::confused1:
  13. I think the previous post ( re trump ), might be a compliment as to all the rings posted are nice and look expensive .
    That's how I took it !
  14. Hi ! I love the pics of your ring , its very beautiful and unique!
    I love the round diamond with the halo ......what a brilliant idea!
    Your doggie is very adorable as well :love:
  15. :drool: beautiful