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Emilio Pucci?!

kitzad Posted By kitzad Posted Mar 5, 2012

  1. Hello everyone.

    Why isn't there any category for EMILIO PUCCI under premier designers? Isn't that weird or am I missing something? :weird:

    Please do tell if you know something or if you have a theory why Pucci is missing :smile:

    / K
  2. Not weird, just no one here talking about Pucci. A designer gets a forum when there's a TON of threads about them clogging up the general forums.
  3. I love Pucci and was wondering the same. I would love to have a discussion on their clothes as their bags are limited each season.

    To start some discussion for fun... I love this season's Isfahan print. It is a vintage print, and they brought it back from the archives. It comes in a royal blue and also a pink. I love love love the royal blue and purchased a dress and top. I'm quite tempted to purchase the pants, but have not yet as I may be going over the top with this pattern.

    Any other Pucci lovers out there, please chime in!

    P.S. Kitzad, I agree with you... there is a Theory and no Pucci? :smile:
  4. Please start a thread in which forum interests you most - Wardrobe for Pucci clothing, Handbags for purses, etc. . .
    this is only a Feedback/tech forum :tender: