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Eden of Nip/Tuck shirt from Season 5 Episode 8

dr.huni Posted By dr.huni Posted Mar 29, 2010

  1. The character Eden played by Anna Lynn McCord wears this amazing shirt in Season 5 Episode 8 - Duke Collins.

    Its the part where she is making the fruit cake.

    She is wearing a white collared shirt that is half sleeved, and button down. It basically a tuxedo shirt. And there is a shiney embellished bow tie that is left untied hanging around her neck. It is attached to the shirt.

    I googled for over an hour searching for a picture to help with the ID but could not find it. So instead I took a very unclear pic with my phone, and have attached it.

    This episode is from 2007... still, can any one ID the shirt? I know its a stretch. TIA!

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  2. Do you have a photo including the sleeves?
  3. hope this helps .... *fingers crossed*

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