Does anyone have the Legacy Patricia Colorblock?

shoperadictgirl Posted By shoperadictgirl Posted Jul 13, 2012

  1. 10083, $398
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    I know Weekend Shopper has this bag, anyone else? Mod shots please?

    Really considering ordering before PCE ends. Love my Willis', wondering if it's very similar as far as size, weight, ease, etc.
  2. I have this bag in the solid cognac.

    I personally feel it is larger than a willis. but the weight is similar.
  3. Do you LOVE it?
  4. I don't think either the name or the number is right. Patricias don't have turnlocks, and 10083 would have been used back in about 2006. The style number is more likely to be 19983.

    19921 is the solid-color Patricia's Legacy - no turnlock.

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  5. According the the staging site it is listed as the Patricia with that item number for the new fall legacy collection.

    I too would love to see more pics of this bag and some mod shots as i am seriously considering it for days when i travel light and do not want to carry a huge handbag around with me, and i also love the color blocking.
  6. This is from the test site:

    new legacy colorblock leather patricia

    Vibrant colorblocking and raw-cut Legacy tassels update the iconic Patricia bag, a classic Coach design first introduced decades ago. Hand-assembled in luxe glove-tanned leathers, it features a statement-size version of the turnlock closure from the original.
    Colorblock leather
    Inside zip, cell phone and multifunction pockets
    Turnlock closure, fabric lining
    Adjustable strap for shoulder or crossbody wear
    11 1/2" (L) x 8 3/4" (H) x 4 1/4" (W)
  7. The style number is indeed 10083. I do recommend this bag. Hope you order it:smile:
  8. Do you have any modeling pics :biggrin:???? Big favor: IF you also own a Willis, would you do a comparison shot :graucho: THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH
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    Ok, Legacy Patricia is the colorblock, not Patricia's Legacy. That's going to get confusing especially with a Patricia's Legacy "classic" AND a Patricia's Legacy "original" also available at the same time although the Legacy Patricia looks smaller. I guess they DID use an old number too. Wonder if they did that to avoid confusion with the other ones.$printview$

    "Vibrant colorblocking and raw-cut Legacy tassels update the iconic Patricia bag, a classic Coach design first introduced decades ago. Hand-assembled in luxe glove-tanned leathers, it features a statement-size version of the turnlock closure from the original...."

    I don't remember an original Patricia at all, just the Patricia"s Legacy, and that never had a turnlock either. Wonder how far they went back to find that name? And why confuse things when there's already two different Pat's Legacy versions?

    (Walks away mumbling "The most consistent thing about Coach is their inconsistency...The most consistent thing about Coach is their inconsistency...")
  10. Is there an older bag with 10083 as the style number?

    I saw these at Macys. I really like the colorblock - from the front you mainly see the navy and beige, but the sides and back and under the flap are mostly bright carnelian red. It's wider than the Willis, but still a fairly compact shape. I like the slip pocket compartment, too, as I always have loose cards or receipts I'm always searching for in bags with only one big compartment. I'm debating whether I should get one before the PCE is over.
  11. What is the leather like? I really want the bag, but am sitting on the fence because I really like the older leather. I have two of the newer leather bags, Madison Classic Satchel and City Bag in Vermillion. Thinner, and it squashes and wrinkles. Not a complaint; but it is different. So for some bags, thicker leather is nice. "And, I liked the parchment colorblock shown in the pilot pix. They haven't included it yet. I'd like to know how you who have the cognac or color block like the leather. Thanks.
  12. I do not have any modeling pics, since I do not do mod shots. I think that you will be happy with the bag if you order it. The colors really compliment each other:smile:
  13. I noticed you were seeing the navy and beige from the front but like the fact it has the contrasting tassel. Some many of the legacy have a matching tassel that blends.

    Slip pocket under flap? I'm also debating on PCE

    the leather is like the leather of the solid duffles, if that helps.
  14. So far I've only found that number on fakes-selling sites.
  15. It's thicker than the leather on, say, a Willis. It has some heft to it but it is NOT the original leather. I actually prefer it as it has a bit more of a glove leather feel (more like calf) versus bridle leather (more like a cowhide). The cognac color is also very saturated and has some gloss, unlike the British tan color which I feel is not deep enough.

    I bought the Patricia, soft wallet, and large clutch in Cognac, and the large clutch and Candace in the yellow/white/gray colorblock. And yes, I love the patricia a lot. I was looking for the perfect classic brown bag for awhile. This one has great pockets that hold kindle, wallet, phone, keys etc and just the right amount of space for glasses and a few cosmetics on top of that. I'm very pleased.