Do you like this Balenciaga?

yoguina100 Posted By yoguina100 Posted Jan 29, 2007

  1. Hi girls!!

    Do you like this handbag?
    I like good quality of leather but maybe too small...
    What do you think?

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  2. The picture is so close up it is hard to gauge the size... do you have another picture?
  3. Yes I have more pictures but too many kb so it can´t be posted.
    It is like 8"wide and 5" high....more or less...
    I love small purses but i wear too much stuff...
  4. Oh it's little, kind of the size of the makeup clutch? I think it's cute, leather looks nice, like the zipper pull.
  5. Sorry I still prefer the regular, mainstream City bags :smile:
  6. Me too :p
  7. I have never seen this style before.
    The leather looks nice and I love that zipper pull!
    Does it have any sort of strap/handle or is it a clutch?
  8. [​IMG]

    never seen this one in person.... i think it's cute, but i prefer the motorcycle line :yahoo:
  9. ITA

  10. It has a strap to wear it on the shoulder.
    I have some pics of bigger Balenciaga.They are from a popular store in Spain..would you like to see them?

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  11. Sorry poor quality of photos.They are photos of my computer sreen.