Dior lovers - Show us your non-Dior purchases!

Elsie87 Posted By Elsie87 Posted Feb 14, 2009

  1. I'm absolutely loving it! Definitely roomy!

    Haha it was my first kors!!! Love love love it!
  2. Couldn't resist this sweetie at the outlets. I have the best fiance in the world and he has spoiled me rotten!!!! I've been waiting for this clutch/purse to go down in price since the beginning of spring and it finally hit its low point (I think) at $299. I luuurrrve it!!!

    The dress doesn't go with it in my mod shot, but I'll be wearing it with mostly black, maybe skinny jeans...such a cute clutch! Classy and edgy!

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  3. Congrats - it is a very nice looking clutch/purse! I like very few Burberrys but I really do like this one :smile:
  4. Thanks, Black Swarmer! I agree; I've never been a huge Burberry fan but I really loved their summer 2011 collection because of the edgy belts/hardware. :smile: This one definitely won me over!
  5. Very nice! This was from the runway/ad campaign, wasn't it?
  6. Thank you!! Yes, I believe it was! ;)
  7. Congraz! SO love the color:p
  8. Thank you!!! I love the color, too. I keep staring at it!! :shame:
  9. Call me crazy...but...

    Girl vows to buy only Dior.

    Girl sells Burberry to buy only Dior.

    Girl walks into Valentino and walks out with a Valentino Red bag.

    Girl is crazy. Fiance is patient.

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  10. Cute bag! Perfect for an evening out!
  11. Thanks, AJ! I think I could rock it in the daytime, too, with some dark skinny jeans and a cute top. :smile:
  12. When I got my panaera tote last year I was actually debating getting a speedy bandouliere but decided that the call of the cannage was too great....!

    This year however has been my most vuitton filled year it seems and deciding i need a great bag that can also be my weekender i decided to take the plunge with the original speedy 40 in classic monogram!! :smile:))

    Now i am officially on a BAN until next summer....!!!

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  13. WOW! Congratulations! I love it!