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dianahuang Posted By dianahuang Posted Mar 2, 2011

  1. Great collection!! Love everything!
  2. We have the exact same vintage Chanel bag :smile: I love that bag so much!:heart:
  3. lovely collection
  4. Yes yes i broke my promise for not buying black bag anymore, but can't resist when it comes to Chanel or Hermes :biggrin: yeapp chanel ghw is TDF, classy and luxury hehehe...

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  5. Woww you and me are twins bag... I love it so much's suitable for formal and casual... :smile:

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  6. thank you ladies ;)
  7. Love the Gucci!
  8. I love your Chloe Bag...
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  10. Love your colelction!:loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes
  11. thanks :hugs:
  12. Gorgeous! Love it!
  13. The twilly is gorgeous, and I think it's okay that you broke the black promise. Some bags you just can't resist getting in black. I'm not often a black bag kinda girl but I can't help but feel that everyone else's black bags are really stunning. I love your vintage chanel! And the first bag, the gucci boston, that bag I consider pure eye candy even though I never owned one. Thank you so much for sharing, I've really enjoyed your collection!