department stores vs Chanel boutiques

  1. r department store chanels sometimes slighly cheaper than in the boutiques?

    because i think in some stores, they havent impose the chanel price hike yet.
  2. In the US prices are the same. When Chanel raised the prices of the timeless line in November some department stores raised their prices a few days later. Now, all are the same. The department stores had better sale bags based on posts from the November and December sales.
  3. I also like shopping in the department stores for several reasons.
    If you use NM or Nordstrom's credit cards, you will get points for purchases. Sometimes, the stores have events where there are double or even 10X points events. It is easier to return if necessary and I feel slightly safer making an expensive purchase in a department store (especially Nordstrom) because you really do have double protection -- Chanel and the store itself. I have purchased two chanels using nothing but accumulated Nordstrom points! And, my other Chanels from Neiman Marcus were purchased during events so I earned extra points and was able to use a gift card (from purchasing a LV earlier in the day) to purchase my new Cerf later.
  4. ah the only thing that bothers me about Neiman Marcus is that they only accept american express or the Neiman Marcus card as their credit cards!

    if u wish to use other credit cards, u must first purchase a gift card..which will make all ur purchases in the end..non-refundable!
  5. do you know which Nordstrom's in particular carry chanel? i haven't seen any in the few stores that i frequent around NJ/NY. thanks!
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  6. My take there are pros and cons. Boutiques will inspect the merchandise and pull another from the back or more and compare them. Their wrapping is par excellence. I don't like their 2 weeks to return policy given I'm out in the proverbial woods. Stores, I can sometimes get free shipping, apply accumulated points as well as earn more points BUT I've had the occasional defective bag. I think mostly they grab the bag and get it to shipping and don't thoroughly look over the purses. (I now ask them to look over the bag for any flaws.) For the most part, I think we all like getting the points and being able to apply them to future purchases. If the stores can do points, why doesn't Chanel or have a Chanel cc where you earn points. (Boy, we'd be in big troubs then, tho.)
  7. The Nordstrom's that I know of that carry Chanel are: Seattle; Portland, Oregon; Topanga Mall, Canoga Park, California; Mall of America, Minnesota.
  8. I agree!!!
  9. thanks pond23 for answering my question. i'd like to buy at a dept store when there's an EGC or bonus points events, but is chanel usually included in these? like the Saks EGC for example? and if we actually do get the EGC, can it be applied to anything or are there restrictions (like again, will chanel be included?) thanks in advance!
  10. If you know what you want, you can just call one of the stores. I have purchased from Seattle and Mall of America. They will email you lookbooks, also. I love getting my Nordstrom points and putting them all towards a little something Chanel! Contrary to what the point coupons say, the points do not expire.
  11. Cookie03,
    Chanel IS included in ECG events at Saks. I know LV's not included.
    If you don't have their card, you can open and first purchase will be 10% off, including Chanel and you will get gift card based on your purchase amount.
    I'm waiting for next ECG event from Saks to buy my next Chanel bag.
  12. Hi lovelies, I went to Saks yesterday to check out a few classic flaps because they seem to carry more inventory than Chanel boutiques. But I was disappointed in the bags! The caviar leather just felt so thin and unstructured - it didn't feel as thick as a '10 flap that I bought from a Chanel boutique! So my question is, are the bags in department stores (Saks, Bloomies, NM etc) the same quality as the stand-alone Chanel boutiques? Are the bags sourced from the same places? Thanks for your help!
  13. Which bag was it? Was it caviar or Distressed calf? Quality should be the same. IIRC some tPfs have mentioned some of the leathers in general may not be as thick as prior years.
  14. the bag i have is the black caviar flap, and the bag i was looking at in Saks was beige clair caviar - would one year have made a difference? they are both made in Italy
  15. i would assume so. but the quality has been declining. the caviar leather is getting softer and softer. they have this new invention of soft/washed caviar....and a lot of flaps are starting to look soft caviar. i just think from a factory's kind of difficult to make different quality for different stores/countries...