Department Store Chanel vs Chanel Boutiques


where would you rather shop if in seattle?

  1. chanel boutique charge send

  2. nordstrom - for their return policy

  3. other store charge send

  4. whichever one has the best deal

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  1. Is there any price differences when buying from a department store vs an actual Chanel Boutique?
  2. No. However, Saks has events every so often that allow you to earn gift cards depending on how much you spend. If you buy a $3,000+ Chanel purse you can earn a $450 gift card towards future purchases. Also, if you use the department store credit cards you can earn points that you can "cash in" at a later date for gift cards.
  3. The department stores sometimes have bags you won't see in the boutiques and vice versa. It's nice to check both when you are looking for a new bag.
  4. Also it seems sometimes that things go on sale at the Dept Store before the boutique...I got my naked flap for 357 plus tax at Saks but the Chanel boutique in Vegas was selling it for the retail price of 895.
  5. Saks has a new charge card (no fee) where you earn points no matter where you buy!

  6. Is that the saks first card? I just got something in the mail... not sure how it works though...
  7. Dept stores have a better return/replace policy.
  8. Saks has more sale items. The Chanel store sends most sale items to their outlet in NY.
  9. I find that the selection in the dept. stores tends to be better. I have also found the availability of bags on the waitlist is good in the dept. stores vs. the boutiques. I have always gotten the bags I was waitlisted for in the dept. stores and not so in the boutiques. In my area, the boutiques, do tend to wrap up your purchases with the chanel ribbon, camelia, and camelia gift card with receipt and chanel bag if those are important to you.
  10. I like the idea of department stores as well. While I'm not a big fan of Saks, I do purchase from NM and Nordstrom. I feel confident (especially with Nordstrom that if I had a problem they would make it right.)
    I "work" the Nordstrom Visa card/points to my advantage with 10X points events as well as double point events. I also know that the points NEVER expire unlike Neiman Marcus, but NM has events almost monthly now because it's a big anniversary year. My bordeaux GST cost me only sales tax in August. I saved my points for a long time and called the MOA store and ordered by phone. It was delivered to me next day -- at no charge. I take my NM points in gift cards; not merchandise. We opened a new account for DH a couple of weeks ago and we are getting an extra gift card for spending a certain amount that day. I've never purchased a Chanel bag in a boutique.
  11. I personally prefer Saks or the boutiques to Neiman's- never much cared for them as they always seem to botch returns, shipping, etc. whereas every package I've gotten from Saks seemes to have been packed with care and returns are always seamless. Just my personal opinion though.
  12. I love Saks! Their EGC event is the best, triple point is also awsome. Return policy is wonderful, and nothing is too small to ask for. My SA works magic-she got me to only met purple flap in the store, and helped some international PFer too!:love: Local NM and I don't really click in Chanel or LV even it's closer, and I don't like how they only take AMEX, NM Card or Cash only.
  13. I agree with ValleyO----love buying from Saks. They really do a great job.
  14. We don't have a Saks here (only Off Fifth-no Chanel sold there). They're opening Nordstrom here in March, so I'm wondering if they'll carry Chanel. The Neiman Marcus that's already here doesn't carry Chanel since the Chanel boutique is literally right next to it.

    I've only ever purchased from the Chanel boutique here at Ala Moana and have always received nothing but excellent service from my SA. :yes:

    Department stores do seem to mark down bags a lot more than the Chanel boutiques do (often the only bags that go on sale at Chanel boutiques are the tweed ones).
  15. Department stores only... I often buy by mail order and Chanel here have a no refund, exchange only policy which doesn't work for me.