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Dasha Zhukova - another Russian style inspiration

spoiled_brat Posted By spoiled_brat Posted Nov 24, 2008

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  3. Wow her style is amazing, very classy.
    But somehow I'm more pulled to Miroslava's style, its more quirky.

    A tad off topic, but I saw a picture of Dasha wearing a rolex, and I've always wanted a gold one with a black clock face. I know they cost mega-bucks but Roughly how much would they cost?
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  5. With rumoured fiance, Roman Abramovitch

  6. And again

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  11. another gorgeous, chic Russian inspiration! Both Mirsoslava and Dasha are beautiful! Thank you spoiled brat!!!
  12. She is so stunning - her skin looks amazing.
  13. She is gorgeous!!!
  14. she looks like my co-worker in OIS LOL
  15. ^ what is OIS? LOL