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Cupcakes = My New Obsession

imashopaholic Posted By imashopaholic Posted Jun 24, 2009

  1. Thanks for your kind comments. Here's the cupcake order I did today.

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  2. ^Very cute...for a baby shower?
  3. Pretty flowers and pattern.

    Love the butterflies
  4. After going through every pages all the cakes and cupcakes look amazing.

    I'm going to bake my girls cupcake for their bday soon. I'm very new into baking.
    I haven't decide on what kind of cupcakes I'm going to make yet.
    Can anyone suggest me an easy recipe I can try ? thanks
  5. Thanks ladies. I just finished this Hoot the owl cake for a 1 year old boy's birthday.

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  6. This is so cute. Great job.
  7. A pretty cupcake order I just finished.

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  8. ^Gorgeous! Almost too pretty to eat! What flavor are they? I also have to tell you pup in your avatar is so cute!!
  9. Very cool!!

    These are sooo pretty!!
  10. This is so adorable, do you have any DIY video on how to make this cute cake :biggrin:
  11. ^Adorable!
  12. Omg. I just read this entire thread. And every picture is better than the last! I'm now DYING for cupcakes. And I'm not even a big cake an!!
  13. Aww thankyou! x
  14. OMG! You made this by yourself???!!! :ps: