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Crochet - The Happy Hookers Thread

merika Posted By merika Posted Dec 5, 2008

  1. I love crochet, but I rarely have the time for any projects. I'd love to see what other people like to crochet, and maybe share patterns and tips. I recently finished one project - this is incomplete, I hadn't added the tassels yet when the picture was taken.
  2. I love to crochet! I'm in too! I'm working on an afghan right now!!!
  3. love the title of this thread "happy hookers"...LOL!! :roflmfao:
  4. I just finished two scarves. One is a Christmas gift for my SIL the other is for me. I will have to post pictures.
  5. [​IMG]
    Wow, that's gorgeous!
    My grandmother taught me to crochet a few years ago, before her strokes/death she used to love making afghans as holiday gifts. I pretty much stick to scarves but I love crocheting because I can actually complete a project in a reasonable amount of time, whereas with knitting it took me forever and I got impatient, lol.
  6. Can't wait to see them!
  7. awesome title!
  8. I have no idea how to crochet but I think the thread title is hilarious and I just had to comment!!!
  9. I have lots of hooks and yarn, and I've crocheted in the past, but not lately. I need to get back into it!
  10. I can't crochet to save my life, but my mom is amazing. She just gave me a blanket she finished for a friend of mine that is having a baby, so I thought I'd post.


    And here is a partial shot of a blanket I found that she did for me for my reading room b/c the couch is white and I have a black dog and cat. You can see from the photo why I needed something to cover the couch...The room is painted turquoise!

  11. Here are the scarves/shawls that I have been making for Christmas gifts. I have three more to go and then I am done. These were supposed to be gifts, but they ended up being mine instead.
  12. Those are gorgeous! :tup: If I made those, I'd want to keep them too! :p
  13. You are right, your mom is amazingly talented! Those are beautiful!!! Cute doggy too!
  14. ^ Thanks!
  15. I don't know any fancy crochet stitches, but I would like to learn. I made an afghan for my grandmother this past summer. It is her Christmas gift! I made one for my great-grandmother many years ago, and my grandmother admired it so much that I decided it was time to make one for her.