creme de la mer...all that and a bag of chips?

  1. I'm 25, and regrettably, i've never been into skincare. i have really sensitive skin and i tend to break out easily...for example, clinique made me break out.

    I'm starting to notice some lines on my forehead, and want to take preventative measures as well as start a skincare routine.

    Is Creme de la mer really all that? if it is, i'm all for it...but i want to make sure it really does make a difference. the Saks by me doesn't have it, so i'll hve to order it online...and can't test it in the store.

  2. hmm... because you have sensitive skin I really think you should test out skincare products before actually investing in them especially something as pricey as Creme de la Mer!

    I've been using their UV lotion and their oil-based cleanser and LOVE them. I've tried the regular creme de la mer in the store and I'm worried about breakouts because although they say you only use a dab and warm it up in your hands and dab it on your face - I still think it's a super rich cream. So far with the two things I've been using - no breakouts and actually improvements on my skin! I guess so much so that one of my coworkers noticed and on a lazy day that I didn't have time to put on makeup she actually complimented me on my skin and how it was glowing!

    They also make a 'lotion' version of the regular creme de la mer and if I ever invest in lotion from that line - it'll be this toned down version which I've tried a sample for and loved with no breakouts.

    As for the regular creme de la mer - I've heard different accounts - some ladies swear by it and it's helped improve the condition of their skin a lot and some others have complained that they broke out because of it and will never touch it again.

    So that's why I say - it'd probably be important for someone like you who you say has sensitive skin to try it out - although I guess that's not much help since you have to order online.. :sad:

    Not sure if you wrote to the company whether they'd send you samples or not? I think it depends - I've been to some la mer counters where the salesladies outright lie and say there's no such thing as la mer samples of anything and I've also been to helpful ones that gave me samples of various things so I could try them at home and come back to buy if they worked out for me. I'm not sure they have samples of the actual creme - but some of their other stuff I know they have.

    Another option - although pretty pricey is that if you know you're set on la mer they have an "intro kit" with the creme, toner, and cleanser - and it's cheaper than buying it separately - but obviously it costs a lot more than just getting the cream since you're getting all those other products!

  3. I have senstive skin too.. and small pores. I will never use LaMer again. I totally "clogged" my skin. I ended up with HORRENDOUS white heads that took 6 months to get rid of. I have some girlfriends who had the same problem. Others I know, love it however. It's expensive, and definitely NOT for everyone.

    I loved how La Mer felt when I put it on. It's really like butter. My dermatologist told me, "Yeah, you've been smearing lard on your face." Great, thanks.

    If you're hesitant, try to get into a store and ask for some samples. IMO, any company that is going to stand behind their product should let you USE IT first before investing in it. And LaMer is expensive enough to be considered an investment if you ask me.

    Now I use a combo of Keihls and Dermalogica. Love their stuff, it works great for my skin. And their super with all the samples and freebies.

    good luck!:flowers:
  4. I have a bottle of la mer lotion and all I can say is its pretty rich. I only use it during the winter because it gets really dry where I live. I would say it an okay cream but its not a miracle cream. It really depends where you live and how the climate is.

    I'm about the same age as you and I would recommend you to get the lotion version if you had to get one because that is design for a younger person. The regular la mar creme is designed for a more mature person where they need more hydration. Keep in mind that I saw a show where they said JLo uses it for body cream. Body creams are usually richer than face creams.

    If you need samples I would highly suggest you purchase it from eBay. Its better to shell out a little bit of money for the samples then buy $200 worth of cream and find out its not for you.
  5. I use it and love it but I just bought Kinerase products when I was in the dermatologist office and feel this line is great. You should check out their website and you can also buy it at Sephora. I am really happy with their products.
  6. I use La Prairie. Similar price point, but I think it's way better. It also got the thumbs up from my dermatologist, who has impeccable integrity. They are great with samples, and the line has a wide variety of products.

    I have tried La Mer in the past and really wasn't too impressed. But then I have oily skin.
  7. i always check out and go to "productville boards." such a great resource. la mer, not such a hot rating. but you will get feedback from others with every imaginable skin type and not throw your $$ away on products that will not work for you. i've always received the best advice from those boards! my skin has truly improved and i've got sensitive skin that has never looked good without makeup until now.
  8. I am a fan of La Mer. I've been using it for one year now. I had people who hadn't seen me for quite some time complimenting on my skin. I have combination skin with some dry patches on the cheeks, La mer took care of them. I live in the dryer climate so LM works great. It also lightens my freckles and sun spots.

    A friend of mine has sensitive skin and she swears by Darphin. Maybe you can give that line a try too.
  9. Check out ORLANE

  10. i have extra sensituve combination skin and i also react badly to clinique and just about everything else. i can only use the oil absorbing moisturizer. it gives you a matte finish without drying you out. plenty of times you can get free samples of the creme de la mer. i used the samples to dab very sparingly the dry patches during the winter. best of luck to you.
  11. thanks ladies! i'll check out the websites or some samples....
  12. I've used creme de la mer on an as needed basis, it's def. not an everyday creme for me because I tend to be a little oily......I use the eye balm although I like it best when I use a little of the creme over top of the eyebalm (the original creme de la mer can be used around the eye area too). Just a little blurb about sensitivity: just because you used clinique and it made you break out, it does not mean you are overly sensitive, there's just a good chance that they are using an ingredient that does not agree with your skin, that can happen with anything really regardless of how much they market it to "sensitive skin" customers.......Plus if you really look at cliniques ingredients they are quite synthetic and processed......I would recommend to ANYONE to take a look @ lines like Sonya Dakar, and Jurlique, I've been working in cosmetics for like 8 years now and these are the only two lines with skin care products I truly use up and buy more of, and I never worked for either one of them!