Cookie SBS & Lily (Oak & Pebbled Beige )

Emzbox Posted By Emzbox Posted Jun 10, 2012

  1. Wow, they'd sold out of that before, so they got more stock in!
  2. Fenwicks in Windsor have the Oak Cookie SBS with 25% off at the moment!
  3. Last night, Bentalls in Kingston-upon-Thames had a black cookie Lily - 020 8546 1001.
  4. Does anyone know how much the cookie lily is/was? Thanks!
  5. Non sale... 595.. Think it went down to 20% off in the sale!
  6. That was quick - thanks!
  7. Anyone seen a SBS Cookie pebbled beige around lately please?

    I know - a bit late on this one but worth a try!!

    Thanks in advance
  8. Is the cookie lily only for this season? If i miss it this season, i wont see it again?

    Trying to decide between two bags!
  9. They may bring it back but there's likely to be a variation of some sort to the design so it won't be exactly like this seasons.

    There's a black lily on Harrods website and on mytheresa right now.
  10. hi hi,
    Mooshooshoo posted this for me, hope you can get it

    it is legit