Come Share your September 2013 Purchases!!

macaroonchica93 Posted By macaroonchica93 Posted Sep 1, 2013

  1. Sorry, that I answered before you... was simply online when the question was asked and thought I'll answer right away ^^:p
  2. Of course don't worry about it! Your answer was great, even better than I could have done. Was glad to see it. xx
  3. Great bag enjoy!!!!!
  4. I love vintage Chanel! Yours looks to be in fabulous condition..Congrats!!

    Nice pearl earrings too. What size are they? Do you have any modeling pics?

    I love the CC earrings but am scared to purchase since I've read many people whose crystals/pearls fell out even after just a few wears! So stressful.
  5. I want these and can't find them anywhere. Love them!!!
  6. Thanks :smile:
    I got it for MYR1090, equivalent to USD338.
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    Thanks! :biggrin:
    I bought it at MYR10,500, equivalent to about USD3,258.
  8. My Chanel WOC collection now is complete after adding this classic baby :smile: black caviar quilted WOC with GHW!!!!

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  9. I must agree, beautiful bright blue...congrats!
  10. Wow I love your boy!!! What a stunning color! Love the wallet! I have the same one!