Come Share your June 2012 Mid Year Sale Purchases

mable72 Posted By mable72 Posted Jun 7, 2012

  1. congrats on the purchase. I guess I should really go check out the shoes too. But since I'm a size 35, so I think chances are fairly slim now...
  2. Nice! Are they tts? I hope to get one! I will attempt to go to the boutique tomorrow!
  3. Bergdorfs :smile:

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  4. Oooh perfect for summer!
  5. They are amazing!

    BTW, my SA confirmed that the collection is going on sale on Thursday - presales has already started, by invite only though!
  6. Congrats on your great scores. Love both pairs so far!
  7. My m/l classic flap...

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  8. Did you get this on sale??
  9. I think she posted in the wrong thread! Classics never go on sale! Lol
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  11. Excellent score!

    This is my mine.

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  12. :smile: thanks! You too.. Have scored the same design in heels!! Congrats! I didnt see that! Guess you have reached the store very early :p
  13. Love the tweed ballerinas and the open back heels.

    What great purchases so far! Keep them coming, hopefully I will be able to contribute as well;)
  14. I did not get it locally. I ordered from US. Usd 683 after 30%.
    You got it from MBS? By the time i went down, this pair was gone!
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    I see.. Well, you get yourself a good deal :smile: congrats!

    Yup i got it from mbs.. I reached about 11am this morning.. Actually i wanted this pair below .. This was my first choice but too bad, do not have my size :sad: if not, i will walk away 2 pairs..

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