Come share your December 2012 purchases!

Michele728 Posted By Michele728 Posted Dec 1, 2012

  1. I haven't take an upclose pix yet.... Got d large flap in ghw.

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  2. Nice! I got d medium one😊🎁😊
  3. Purdy
  4. ❤💗💜💙💚💛tenx💛💚💚💜💗❤
  5. Another one! Girl, you rockin! Congrats!
  6. I returned the blue lol. I have this coming

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    It's time for me to stop with the WOC but they are so versatile and cute
  7. Hi babe, you have any mod pics with the Green WOC in patent to share? Will it be hard to match with attire? I asked the SA to put it on hold for me first and I'm still struggling whether should I take the green patent or pink lambskin.

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  8. My Christmas and 30th birthday gift from hubby! 😍 My first Chanel...presenting my French Riviera!

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  9. I haven't worn my WOC yet. I think it will go with lots. Whites, grey, nude, black. I absolutely love the color. So unique and pretty
  10. What a great hubby That's pretty
  11. Thanks Ljlj! The color is one of the best golds Chanel has offered!
  12. As shoulder bag- obviously perfect! For crossbody I wish the strap would be longer. ;)
  13. Lucky you! Congrats, it was meant for you ;)
  14. Hello did you see these in the pink ? Does any one have a image of the pink too - love them by the way xx