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Come Play in my Closet - Redux - Paris LV

ParisLV Posted By ParisLV Posted Jun 5, 2011

  1. Okay... YES I am OBSESSED with this! But the detail is amazing! It's not just a block of wood with contact paper on it. The details are so nice. You'll see the leather strap is actually a leather strap with a buckle and you can see by the bottom that it's actually dimensional. LOVE IT!




  2. Such a beautiful collection Paris..............and I have always wondered about the barettes....Are they as good as they are beautiful????.....Loved your hat and scarf....a beautiful color ..............your closet is truly inspirational.....
  3. I have the rain boots to match your pink scarf! Love them !!! ( the best thing is I got them at the Burberry outlet for $59.00)
  4. Here's something from the lastest shopping trip! Boy oh Boy, 8K in LV does not buy much anymore! This is the new Cosmetic in Black Multicolor.




  5. Okay.... so this is the last set of pictures for the day...

    First up is the little girl you can thank for all the new lovely color and detail! This is my new camera, Canon PowerShot Elph 100HS with a White MC strap. She takes Amazing photos.... as you can see I'm kind of smitten with her abilities in black and white. She has tons of cool settings for doing "artsy" pictures.

    So, of course every member of my family owns LV so not only does she have her MC strap, she also got a brand new "home", the Wapity! I've alway wanted one of these but never had a reason to own one. They are really nice and there will be plenty of room for her spare battery, battery charger, cords and cards. Yeah!



  6. Did you get the Celine bag in orange as well as black?
  7. Whew! I'm done! :party:

    Okay, well I've created my own personal "lookbook" ... hopefully for your enjoyment. Again... this is most assuredly NOT done so stay tuned!

    Thanks for looking! Paris!
  8. beautiful! I LOVE the trunk!! So lovely!!
  9. I love all your tote bags!
  10. Thank you, she's an MM. My first one was a GM.

    Thank you! OMG I am HAPPILY walking from one end of the house to the other! Now, I'm excited when I sit down and realize I've forgotten something... because I can just hop up and get it! Unfortunately, because I tore the ligament and they heal so slowly and are easy to tear again... I'm stuck for the next few months in Clunky tennis shoes! Me... the girl who aspires to own 1000 pairs of shoes (and is almost there) and one who wears 5" platforms to a picnic... is now living in the land of bad shoes. However, I'll take the ability to walk over pretty shoes anyday!

    Thank you... we aren't done yet... just done for the day!


    Thank you!

    Thank you! You know I wasn't sure about the barettes. It is a lot of money to pay to pull your hair back... but my hair is much longer this year and so pulling it back can now allow me to add another accessory! I don't normally like barettes because they either pop open or pull my hair. But I wore the orange inclusion all day and forgot about it. It wasn't until that evening when I went to take it out that I realized I wasn't wearing a pony. I highly recommend them. They are strong and beautiful!

    Yowza... that's was a great find! That little pink baby may have been one of my first designer scarves. I purchased her in Rome and paid about 50% more than I would have if I'd bought her here in the US. When shopping abroad it pays to know how much things are at home before you buy!

    The orange is F/W and hasn't bee released yet. Yes, I did preorder her and as I'm #1 on Three waitlists (all of who have my CC) I should be getting one but they aren't slated for release until the end of July or later!:sad:

    Thank you! As you can tell... I am over the top about it. My SAs totally pranked me with it. One would call and say... hey we got you a gift and then they'd call back and say... "Oh sorry, the store won't release it!" BRATS! That went on until I physically went into the store. Normally I have about 20 items on reserve for me. Since I drive 2 hours (one way) to shop, I don't want to get there and find what I want is out of stock. So I sit down in the shoe department, that's were I lounge for HOURS at LV while shopping and sipping champagne... they start bringing out all this stock. Really casually on of the manager hands me this box and says.. "Oh ya... Lynne wanted to know if this was something you'd be interested in." It was the trunk! I squealled like a 5 year old at a new bike with streamers on the handgrips!
  11. Wow, I had no idea that they made the cosmetic pouch in Multicolor! That's amazing!!! I just might have to save my money & get one!
  12. Great collection Paris! Can't wait to see more! :graucho:
  13. Fantastic pictures and what a gorgeous collection! :drool: Love the MC cosmetic pouch and the wapity!! Gah, I must save monies before prices go up even more to buy me some SLGs!
  14. I love everything...especially Pooey! :love:
  15. I Love, Love your collection and the way you present them. You have great sense of fashion and you are so artistic. Wish we can visit your closet in person, must be super super amazing. Thanks for sharing.