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Coleen Rooney Style Thread

steph22 Posted By steph22 Posted Nov 3, 2011

  1. ITA! She doesn't look good with platforms because her legs are straight up and down. So the platforms emphasize that, I think.:flowers:She does look amazing with her red hair. Sorry had to say it again!:shame:
  2. ^ Totally agree about the shoes not flattering her legs.
  3. article-2074902-0F319A0100000578-651_306x750[1].jpg article-2074902-0F319A5700000578-671_306x750[1].jpg
  4. She looks fabulous I think - such a down to earth girl who has put up with too much from her husband I think. Still, she has style. :cool:
  5. Those CL Figurina boots she's wearing look really nice i might have to give them a go next time i go shopping
  6. [​IMG]

  7. Once again looking good :cool:

  8. Can someone please ID her leopard coat ? Thanks !!!
  9. She looks good with a fringe.

  10. ^^cute
  11. Not sure but I suspect she bought it from Cricket boutique in Liverpool. When I go in next I shall ask - it is lovely isn't it?
  12. I love it too ! Thank you so much for asking if you go next time !
  13. [​IMG]

  14. I like her style