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zero_gravity91 Posted By zero_gravity91 Posted Jul 11, 2013

  1. Hi guys,

    I am very interested in getting a Goyard, but the thing is that there aren't a lot of sources circulating around the Internet that would allow me to choose a coin purse, which is why I have turned to you guys for help!

    Which styles of coin purses do they currently have right now and how much are they?

    Much would be appreciated if you guys can help me out! Thanks! :smile:
  2. I'm trying to figure out what they have in small accessories also. I know they have an "open" type card holder. I'm looking for something a bit different. Hoping somebody posts soon.
  3. Hmm i am no goyard expert but have been trying to learn about it for quite some time. To my knowledge, goyard doesn't make a specific purse for coins. I would try calling them or emailing them to know if they make coin purses or something similar and how much they cost.:smile:
  4. Thank you! Much would be appreciated if you could help us answer that question. :biggrin:
  5. Did you get a response back from Goyard yet?
  6. Goyard do make a coin purse. It's called the Bourse. It's a drawstring pouch, in the style of an old coin pouch that would hang from someones belt.

    I think it retails at around £250 in the Mount Street store in London.

    If you e-mail Goyard they should send you some good pictures of it.
  7. In fact, I think I posted a thread about it last year, with the picture Goyard sent me of the range of colours it comes in.
  8. omg the mini senat is soooo cute O_______O
  9. Yessss! It's adorable! :loveeyes:
  10. The Mini Senat looks adorbale...anyone know if Goyard make coin purse like LV zippy coin? :wondering
  11. The mini is cute.