Coachies: Post Your Non Coach Purchases Here!

tonij2000 Posted By tonij2000 Posted Jul 9, 2012

  1. love this color- congrats
  2. Louis Vuitton Delightful PM . Purchased July 20/2012...seriously can't buy anything for awhile.

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  3. Love love love my delightful- it is seriously one of my favorite bags to carry because it is so light - I just changed out of her but she will not be hidden for long- congrats -:smile:
  4. :drools: Junior Drake has the softest, smoothest, most dreamy leather ever.
  5. Thank You!!! So prettt
  6. Bag twins! I have the PM too. Seriously the most comfortable bag that I own. It's my only LV so far but hopefully not my last. Congrats on such a great bag!!
  7. Bag Twins! I Love mine , So Comfy! Enjoy
  8. Cute tote!
  9. Pretty color of MK!
  10. I got one too one sale for $178! So pretty :smile:
  11. thanks to this thread for making me have a week long obsession with the D & B florentine satchels.....i was starking (staring, stalking, lurking) their website, visiting random stores that had them....BUT while i LOVE the look and design...i just couldn't get past the stiffness of the leather, other than that I love them! They are freaking adorable!! Soon....I found myself at a coach outlet (like waking up from a week long bender) and got myself a tote that I was simultaneously starking during a Coach online pop up sale.... so it all worked out! YAY.....

    onto the actual reason Im in this thread again.....anyone ever get a fossil or dislike? i can't help but find them fascinating....and I can't decide if i LOVE OR HATE them?!?!? I think I want one........
  12. Broke out my D&B florentine dlb strap tassel satchel today for the 1st time ... loving how soft she is under my arm ... she is my only non coach bag I own
  13. Thank you. :smile: My DH thinks it's hideous, lol. They just don't get it. :biggrin:
  14. Fabulous color! Love the styling of D&B's Florentine satchels.