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***CL Lovers' GENERAL CHAT Thread***

JetSetGo! Posted By JetSetGo! Posted Jun 11, 2010

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  1. I missed y'all yesterday. :shucks:

    Hey ladies!
  2. morning ladies!!
  3. Good morning y'all! :biggrin:

    Hey Moshi!!! :hugs: Did you have a good weekend? I did nothing as usual! :biggrin:
  4. hey jan - it was good, how was yours? i did absolutely nothing, was way too hot and humid!
  5. ^Tell me about it! It was 100 degrees here yesterday! :sweatdrop:
  6. i think it had to be about 90 here or was unbearable...even my dog lola was inside and she loves to sit outside and sunbathe on the porch.
  7. Morning ladies :sunshine:
  8. hey b!!
  9. Hey Brintee! :smooch:
  10. Ok, I realize I may get shot in the a$$ for saying this, but I can't STAND how fall 2011 is displayed on the CL website. I want to see all the shoes, but it's damn near impossible the way it's set up with the floating shoes. Is anyone else frustrated? *runs and hides*
  11. Morning ladies! Someone remind me that I have to pay for the damage to my car and cannot shop on NAP! :noggin:
  12. jan - i wish i could even get on the site to see it.... who makes brand new laptops that DON'T HAVE FLASH?!?! and i can't exactly call IT and ask for flash to view shoes, lol!

    hey duke!! sorry to hear about your car
  13. Hey Duke! :biggrin: You need to pay for your car damages and CAN'T shop on NAP!! ;)

    I'm really sorry your car got damaged.
  14. Can you flat out just ask for flash (w/o saying why you need it)?
  15. Thanks ladies. It was a hit and run. Someone backed into it and scratched the front pretty bad. I am not happy about it. :mad:

    Can't you just download Flash Player on your own, moshi?

    I really want those python Pigalles. :girlsigh:
Thread Status:
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