Chloe Family Photo Album (let's see your entire collection!)

hmwe46 Posted By hmwe46 Posted Jan 28, 2007

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    Ok gals, some of you have more Chloe bags that I have clothes!!

    Let's see those collections ladies!!
  2. Wow!!!

    will take some tomorrow

    ahhh gorgeous collection, you should be really proud of your fantastic taste :smile:
  3. Thanks C-B!! :blushing: I can't wait to see your "family" pics!!
  4. ooooh, ill post pics when my last newest addition arrives. BTW, love the fam picture hmwe : )
  5. go for the shoes Cristina!!

    Thanks D&G!! It's been fun collecting with you!!
  6. Lovely.
  7. Here's mine:


    Got rid of the medium Muscade Edith and the Ivoire Shopper for the Dark Brown Shopper and the medium Whiskey Tracy.

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  8. Loving the fam Eucalyptic. The paddies are gorgeous.
  9. That's one impressive collection you've got there. Love the sandals.
  10. :love: our family is small but we love each other very much lol
  11. Forgot to post the pic. LOL:nuts:

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  12. Gosh

    What collections! I just want to keep on staring at your family pics HM - wow!!!!!

    Too embarrassed to post my teeny weeny sad collection!
  13. Always love seeing pics of your collection HM! :heart:

    Love that bleu nuit Cristina!!!

    Impressive collection Eucalyptic!

    C'mon Secret, I'm sure your collection is just as gorgeous! Those bracelets are TDF!!!

    I cannot show my tiny collection! :shame: Wait till I get more! After the purse ban! Argh!!!
  14. Here is my current family!