Celine Streetstyle and Anyone with Celine

IFFAH Posted By IFFAH Posted Feb 8, 2012

  1. Celine Zoom-In, random images all over,

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  2. omgggg !!so scary:lol:

    phoebe :heart:[​IMG][​IMG]
  3. Celine Camel Coat,

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  4. ohhh i adore the first picture with celnie clutch and ring(is it YSL??) :drool:[​IMG]

  5. I don't think it's YSL. :drool: here too. Not easy to find in a similar color stone.

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  6. ^:woot:
  7. That python is one of the most beautiful Celines.... :girlsigh:

    Love the last pic. It's what initially inspired me to own a box. :tender:
  8. This is officially my new favorite thread! So much inspiration from bloggers and 'regular' non-celeb people - I love it.
  9. Gorgeous photos! thanks for the thread.
  10. Gorgeous pics Bella *F*, keep 'em coming...
  11. I love that tri-colour Nano! What season is that from?
  12. the linen tri-colour nano is from resort/spring 2011!

    thanks for all the nice additions to the thread. it's certainly much more inspiring to see street style shots rather than famous people!
  13. ^^Are those trios from the upcoming season? Because that middle gray one is perfect!!!