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cotonblanc Posted By cotonblanc Posted Apr 23, 2012

  1. ^Thanks for these shoe pics, cotonblanc :smile:
    (the Bam Bam-style shoes look nice; I really liked the older ones with the thin rounded strap).

    I bought these Celine wedge sandals last week in khaki/grey color.
    (sizing is rather weird though).

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  2. Here is a pic of the larger/wider ID bracelet. Sent from my SA at Barneys in San Francisco, price is $940.

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  3. I love it, does anyone know the price on the ID necklace? wonder if Barneys in BH has any available?
  4. I have the original large gold ID bracelet, this one looks like it might be even wider....is that the case? TIA!

    Also any info on the ID necklaces? NEED! :graucho:
  5. Here are a few of my latest purchases!

    -python wedges
    -gold cuff bracelet
    -gold ID bracelet

    I have a few more things but will show them with my other items I am awaiting in the mail!

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  6. pics continued..

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  7. The NYC store on Madison Ave.
  8. Really? I rang them tuesday I think and I was transferred to about 6 people and they all said they were not getting the ID necklace. So annoying the necklace are so hard to get a hold of. I guess I'll keep trying!
  9. Hi there. Curious if you ever found a biker jacket. I'm looking as well but with no luck
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    Per my post you quoted, I didn't ask about the necklace. When I called and asked if they had the ID bracelet the SA said yes, we have the ID bracelet in size medium but not the necklace. I didn't ask any questions about the necklace.

    Good luck!
  11. Hi! No I did not. However, I did not search with the same intensity that I normally do when I really want something. My spending has been out of control lately so I am waiting a bit before resuming my search. I saw the one I want at the Celine NY boutique (but in smooth leather) but it was a size 36. I didn't see any otherwise.

    Good luck with your search! What size are you looking for? And smooth or pebbled leather? I will keep an eye out..
  12. OK, so here are pics of the silver and gold choker ID chains (both purchased in spring 2012 through Barneys NY). They are each @3/4" wide.

    Next, the large gold ID chain bracelet, @1 1/4 " wide, also purchased through Barneys NY, January 2013.

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  13. Thanks for the great pics! Do you remember how much the gold necklace was back when you bought it last year?? Hope they reissue it soon just like the bracelet :smile:
  14. Both celine bal harbour and new York had the necklaces but they are sold out. Was about I buy one from Doris at bal harbour it was 1200 but the last one was sold this morning :sad:
  15. Oh really?! Thats too bad..I just talked to Doris last week and asked her to let me know when they received the necklaces but too late i guess. But thanks for the price info. Maybe I can catch them at Barneys soon.