Céline, for the Boys

cotonblanc Posted By cotonblanc Posted Dec 25, 2011

  1. Horizontal Bi-Cabas

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  4. More pictures of the dyed canvas luggage phantom!:nogood::wtf::confused1::shocked:

    If it ain't broke...

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  8. Let's hear it for the boys....love the pics!
  9. Love this pic
  10. Hey guys wondering what you have your eyes on for Fall and Winter 2012.
  11. I'm eyeing the Cabas Phantom but have to try it on for size before committing! I'm letting my dream of owning a Large Phantom die by itself as it's just too cumbersome and not practical for the city without having my own car! I cannot imagine myself lugging it through public transportation. Sigh. :crybaby::crybaby:

    The clutch pouch seems promising as well. Maybe a zipper clutch too. Luggages don't entice me anymore after securing the older style in the Small size.

    What about you?
  12. Logo T-shirt

    There are so many of these t-shirts floating around!!

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  13. Skate slip-ons in ponyhair

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