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bag.lover Posted By bag.lover Posted Jul 23, 2006

  1. any celebs with the rive gauche?
  2. There is a tiny Muse for evening wear but basically for day time there are the medium, large and oversize. I have the large and I think it is the perfect size because it (hopefully) won't look outdated when giant bags go out of style but yet it is still quite large but not overwhelming and I'm only 5'1".

    When I got it the SA at the YSL boutique in NYC said that the bag was meant to be large and that the medium size would not give the same effect. She highly recommended that I go with at least the large size and I'm so glad I did.

    Every time I see a chocolate Muse in large on the N-M site it is gone within a couple days. I hardly ever see the large size... mainly the oversize. The YSL boutiques seemed to have them when I was looking earlier in the fall.

    The bag that Nicole is holding in this picture (from one of the posts earlier in this thread) is not the Muse. It is the Yse bag, which is very similar to the Muse. Here's a link to it at N-M but not in that color. I had seen that color on the N-M in the past, though. This one from N-M is bronze with chocolate suede trim:heart: and is on sale from $1595 to $1117!

    Yves Saint Laurent*-* Yse Bag*-* Neiman Marcus


  3. her bag is definitely the oversized, she's just tall!
  4. This is the most beautiful bag ever! I love it. It's so stylish and classy. I would love to have this bag.
  5. any pictures with Mombasas?
  6. Nicole Kidman has also the "famous" bag:


    i know the photo is not very good but i already saw some photos of her with this bag and i'm sure it's the new YSL bag.
  7. I've also seen photos of her with this bag and it's an otrich Rive Gauche. I'll try to find some pictures of it.
  8. Here is a picture of Nicole Kidman with her ostrich Rive Gauche, which I soooo love btw :smile:

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  9. A new picture of Nicole Richie with her beautiful yellow YSL.

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  10. Kelly Osbourne:

  11. And two pictures of Katie Holmes with her Muse and her ostrich Rive Gauche (my favourite bag ever:smile: )

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  12. New picture of Nicky Hilton with her white Muse

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