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Celebs & MJ Accessories

bag.lover Posted By bag.lover Posted Apr 28, 2006

  1. tara reid:
  2. (source: eBay)
    Carmen Electra & Zipped Clutched
  3. (source: )
    Mischa Barton & large Ursula Bowler
  4. Lauren Conrad
    Not sure what bag this is. Looks like MJ
  5. (source: People online)
    Hilary Swank & black Amanda
  6. Reese Witherspoon w/ Hudson (At least I assume it's hers unless she's sitting in someone else's chair!:lol: )
  7. More views of two of Lindsay's bags previously posted
  8. Please post pics of celebrities and their MJ bags here....

    ***PICS ONLY PLEASE!!!***
  9. Merging old thread...
  10. Victoria "goddess" Beckham with Marc himself:lol: Oh and there she is with Marc´s Leopard chain link satchel :drool:
  11. Jennifer Garner w/ clutch again
  12. Kimberly Stewart
  13. (source: iheartthat)
    Lindsay Lohan & Tie Blondie