Celebs and their Fabulous Ferragamo!

jburgh Posted By jburgh Posted Apr 24, 2009

  1. Eva Longoria looks gorgeous in her lavender.

    Alison - thanks for posting Anne. LOVE that bag!!!! Wow !!! I know I said that I preferred it in black, but no more! Lovely!

    Nice avatar, too!
  2. Dita Von Teese in Paris wearing Ferragamo Shoes with suede petals and micro stud detailing.

    Drew Barrymoore wearing black lazer lace Ferragamo shoes.

    Meryl Streep wearing Ferragamo heels at the Julie & Julia movie premier in Rome.

    Mila Kunis wearing Ferragamo bronze python pumps.

    Megan Fox wearing black Ferragamo pumps with metal heels.
  3. George Clooney's latest girlfriend carrying three different Ferragamo clutch purses. Including a black patent clutch, a grey Varina clutch and a silver-mirrored clutch.

    Hugh Jackman and Matt Damon wearing custom made 3-piece Ferragamo tuxedo and Ferragamo shoes.
  4. Adrian Grenier in a Ferragamo suit and Ferragamo Shoes.

    Amy Adams in laser-pierced “lace effect” leather shoes Ferragamo.

    Drew Barrymoore wearing deep purple Ferragamo pumps.

    Jennifer Aniston wearing a tailored high waisted grey Ferragamo skirt.

    Jennifer Lopez carrying a black Ferragamo maxi clutch in python with metal gancio.
  5. Jennifer Lopez Ferragamo with a blush colored Musa python clutch

    Jessica Alba sapphire blue ostrich Ferragamo bag.

    Rachel Bilson wearing a black column Ferragamo dress.

    Rachel Bilson's stylist Nicole Chavez carrying a Ferragamo clutch.
  6. Gerard Butler and Lake Bell, both in Ferragamo at a cocktail event.

    katherine Heigl wearing Ferragamo FE 1173 B Sunglasses.

    Natalie portman wearing a ink blue Ferragamo double-breasted jacket.

    Angelina Jolie toting around a soft black leather Ferragamo tote with metal gancios.
  7. Angelina Jolie arriving at the Cannes Film Festival in a black ferragamo dress.

    Twilight star Cam Gigandet buying Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses in West Hollywood.

    Evangeline Lilly carrying a Ferragamo Clutch.

    Jennifer Aniston carrying a Ferragamo Clutch.

    Vanessa Hudgens on the cover of InStyle wearing a purple Ferragamo dress.

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  8. Angelina Jolie at the Oscars in Ferragamo Peep toe heels. Hard to see in the photo, but she is wearing them :smile:

    Halle Berry carrying a stunning gold leather Ferragamo handbag with knot detailing and a wooden gancio.

    Hugh Jackman performing in Ferragamo lace up patent shoes.

    Jennifer Aniston wearing a pair of custom-made Ferragamo peep toe pumps.

    Jennifer Lopez wearing Ferragamo sandals with a braided leather heel in both Gold and White.
  9. Eva Mendes at the Golden Globes with a Ferragamo Clutch.

    Jennifer Aniston carrying a Ferragamo Clutch.

    Reese Witherspoon carrying around one of her favourite handbags by Ferragamo.

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  10. Hugh Jackman in another stunning Ferragamo suit.

    Hugh Jackman wearing a Ferragamo Fedora hat.

    Jennifer Aniston carrying both a brown and black Ferragamo handbag.

    Jennifer Aniston with a red Ferragamo clutch and Nicole Kidman in Ferragamo heels.

    Nicole Kidman Ferragamo black clutch.

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  11. Angelina Jolie holding a Ferragamo Lambskin Leather Maxi Clutch.

    Angelina Jolie toting around a Ferragamo Luigia tote with metal gancio.
  12. Drew Barrymoore looking beautiful in a Ferragamo red layered dress.

    Heidi Klum Ferragamo embellished mini dress.

    Selena Gomez at a Vogue party wearing a Ferragamo Clutch and Shoes.

    Zac Efron wearing patent Ferragamo shoes and Hayden Panettiere with a Ferragamo barrel clutch at the Golden Globes.

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  13. Thanks for all the great pics!
  14. Thanks for the pics! Gotta love that Hugh Jackman!!
  15. @ doreenjoy and kroquet

    No problem! Thought i would bump this thread up a bit considering so many celebrities love Salvatore Ferragamo designs. If i have more, i'll make sure to post more pics :smile: