Rebecca Minkoff

Celebrities with their Rebecca Minkoff bags! (2)

littlerock Posted By littlerock Posted Aug 7, 2010

  1. Spotted on the show Pretty Little Liars - a reg Mac and a studded Mattie :smile:

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  2. hanna's mom also had a brown nikki :smile:
  3. :yes: yes !
  4. I know this is an old pic but WOW!! Makes me want a black Flirty!!

  5. There was a time wheb I went gaga over the flirty and stalked it on a lot of online sites. I ended up not getting it but it makes me sigh everytime i see one . :smile:
  6. I ended up getting it in Neon Yellow, since I already have two black w/gold HW RM's - a MAC and a Swing.:shame: You should get one!

  7. Jessica Alba

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  8. Jessica Alba with woven MAC and her friend with multi weave tote (Cherish?)
    Stolen from the celeb forum


  9. Jessica Alba 4th of July

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  10. Eva Mendes (and Ryan Gosling's dog)

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  11. oh snap...are they dating? i have no idea what the stars are doing these days. ryan gosling is HOT and a great actor too.
  12. :yes: