Celebrities with Bbags ***PICTURES ONLY***

Irissy Posted By Irissy Posted Apr 9, 2006


Celebrities with Bbags

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  1. more of nicole
  2. sienna miller
  3. the olsens
  4. nicky hilton
  5. 3 more of nicky;
    1 more of one of the olsens..
    2 of SJP;
    1 of kylie minogue
    1 more of sienna
  6. gwyneth
    1 of JLo
    1 of hilary duff
  7. kirsten dunst, and her friend liat
  8. some misc celebs, dunno who they are :lol: like their bags tho!

    okay that's the last of the pics i have..

    i haven't credited any of these cos i collected them before i knew i needed to.. but they're all media shots..
  9. Kristen Dunst's Friend Liat with a Balenciaga
  10. here's some more of yes, Nicole.

    1. She's DOUBLING UP on the bbags!
    2. Love this pic of her...
    3. Icy pale blue...I dont think we've seen this one on the thread yet.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Nicole on Mother's Day
  13. Nikki has one too

  14. Alexis Bledel with a mini :biggrin: