Celebrities with Bbags ***PICTURES ONLY***

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Celebrities with Bbags

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  1. Turkish Celebrities

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  2. Marie-Chantal attend a fashion event in London (courtesy of the Royal Ladies Fashion thread)
  3. Victoria Azarenka
  4. Stylist June Ambrose.

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    90210 actors

  6. Naomi Watts

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    Nicole Richie
  8. Mena Suvari with the Perforated Kraft, borrowed from Celeb Forum.

    I am loving this style, but not the perforations.

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  9. Ashley Tisdale

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  10. Minka Kelly

    Kendall Jenner

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  11. Don't remember seeing these here:
    Model Jessica Michibata (from her style thread)

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  12. [​IMG]
  13. Mary Kate Olson:
    I love the color!:smile:

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