Celebrities & Their Mulberry

beastofthefields Posted By beastofthefields Posted Aug 17, 2007

  1. Kate Bosworth with Mulberry Mini Mabel in red 659£, 950€, 1320$

    Kate Moss with Mulberry Mabel in black 695£, 1010€, 1400$
  2. Model Agyness Deyn with clutch from Mulberry for Giles:
    Agyness with black Emmy
  3. alexa chung with her beautiful bayswater:heart:
  4. Coleen McLoughlin
  5. kate bosworth with her mini mabel
  6. Tara Reid
  7. well...i know that this lady is not exactly a celeb (actually we can't see har face)...but she walks next to rachel stevens who's a celebrity,right? :smile: so, does it count? here she is carrying a roxanne in oak darwin leather.
  8. alexa chung with roxanne in oak darwin leather.
  9. kate moss carrying her mabel
  10. alexa chung with patent bayswater (source:the fashion spot)
  11. Here's Keira Knightley with a large red Mabel.

    (trying to decide if I want this in red or black... yum)
  12. Scarlett Johnsson with Mulberry Roxanne in Oak.
  13. me too! the only exception to that rule for me though was the chanel cabas tote, it reminded me of a black garbage bag.

    Here is lindsay lohan with her mabel:

  14. alexa chung is :heart: she's got fantastic personal style.

    this is her recently with her classic roxanne. she changed the strap with a vintage one to personalize it. i love what she's done with it!

    i am also hankering for a mulberry roxanne... :sad:

    image: getty images