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Celebrities and their PS bags **Pics and Chat**

DisCo Posted By DisCo Posted Apr 8, 2011

  1. ^^ That gorgeous orange!!! It just pops against her hair. Love!!!
  2. Liv Tyler
  3. my absolute fav tee from Proenza and love the black pouch!
  4. I think Liv has the midnight pouch but it does look black here. I love how she carries it.
  5. Mandy Moore

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  6. ^ Mandy sure loves that bag!
  7. Minka Kelly credit: zimbio

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  9. Can someone tell me of Jessica's PS is a med or large? Thx!!
  10. Looks like a large.
  11. Two of my absolute favorites: Leighton Meester and PS! Here she is carrying the Large Chain Wallet :love:

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