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Celebrities and their fur coats

Prada_Princess Posted By Prada_Princess Posted Aug 16, 2009

  1. LMAO!!!!!!:roflmfao:
  2. Not so keen on the shape of the coat on the right,but I do love chinchilla,its so soft and the gray tones are lovely!

    Hmmm,pic won't show.....
  3. [​IMG]

    This pic..
  4. This has always been my favorite one out of all that she owns. I must say that the O twins have me feening on getting a cropped fur jacket again.
  5. Goldie Hawn (haha)
  6. Dvf

  7. LMFAO @ the comparison
  8. The one that J-Lo wore I have seen Kim Catrall wearing too - very chic and mink is very durable and warm.

    Here is Kim Catrall wearing a similar (but not the same)


    Demi Moore in a gorgous silverfox fur on red carpet - I really like the way she pairs the fur with such a nice outfit.


    Maggie Ching in what weould be my favourate shrug


    Finally Linda Evangelista is a gorgeous fur whihc I think Maggie pulls off better.


    (from theswellelife.com)


    (from contactmusic.com)


    (all other pics from getty)
  9. ^^ you need to save the pics first, then add them as attachments...
  10. Ooops here are the pics credited as above
  11. I love the pic of Ashley Olson on the first page, the mag pic
    Kate Bos also looks great
  12. I love maggie's vest!!
  13. Here is the Eva pic (Getty Images)