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~*Cee's (leaning) tower of minkoff!!*~

ceedoan Posted By ceedoan Posted Dec 7, 2011

  1. Thx VV!!! Hopefully you're almost done with those presents!! Glad zip MAB arrived safe and sound just in time for Christmas!!! :smile:
  3. LOL!!! Love that you even got an action shot of the tower falling!! :roflmfao: Such a nice collection :smile:
  4. CeeCee; I believe you have some 'splain' to do! I believe a Devote shot is in order? And maybe a Darling? Hmmm.



  5. SARA - you're right, i'm :busted hehe ok ok. i confess. i have THREE bags to reveal and since i'm off tomorrow i'm gonna do it right!! i'm also plannin on building (and likely completing my SECOND minkoff tower to add to this thread....) i'm seriously without a doubt banned now. not only bc i have zero dinero to spend, but my hubby thinks i'm a crazy purse lady, and i wanna carry all my gals before adding any new ones!!! :biggrin:
  6. :woohoo::hugs::snack:
  7. :popcorn: ( sharing popcorn w saralaughs at 6 am....while waiting for the show.)

    Im laughing bc it seems the impact of the ban is you didnt tell us when you bought things...not that u stopped buying. Was it a tpf ban not a shopping ban??? :graucho:
  8. Hahaha- I know how that goes.

    Let's see the new bags!
  9. 3 is my favorite #... I'm excited to see your new goodies. :nuts:
  10. hello and happy 2012 minkettes!! :biggrin: ok so as some of my gals here have pointed out (*ahem saralaughs and robinn!!), i was supposed to be on a ban but somehow someway managed to add THREE new additions to my collection. i know, i know, :busted however after getting the last one last night, i can say that now i'm extremely satisfied and content with my RM's right now. the ONLY exception would be a BBW MAM w/ bright blue zipper track - that's it!! otherwise, i will be having fun rotating between these ELEVEN lovelies of mine! :biggrin: and in my defense, i still haven't broken my rule of only ONE of each style :happydance:

    Adding to my inital list, in order they were acquired:
    1. new black w/ gold studs affair/shiny gold hw/leopard lining
    2. OS harewood mattie/brass hw/B&W floral lining
    3. SO CQP MAC/light gold siggy hw/B&W floral lining
    4. OS almond MAB/brass hw/CC lining
    5. wine nikki/mixed hw/B&W floral lining
    6. OS cream/Choco BW MAM/brass hw/paisley lining
    7. leopard haircalf mini MAC/matte black hw/leopard lining
    8. Hello Kitty GE satchel/light gold hw w/ HK design/HK lining
    9. PH darling hobo/GM hw/beckie birds lining
    10. light gray MB/GM hw/B&W dash print ("starwars") lining
    11. black w/ gunmetal studded devote/GM hw/ B&W striped lining
  11. ok, so here i go again..... the building of minkoff tower #2!!!!

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  12. ok now just the satchels! wow, i am a big fan of neutrals/browns!! :p

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  13. now the hobo's! followed by the clutches/crossbodys!!

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  14. ok so lastly, i challenged myself into carrying ALL of my RM's at once!!! :lolots: may i introduce..... THE CRAZY RM BAG LADY!!! come to think of it, if i can do this, then i think i'm ready for my first RM sample sale!!! LOL!!

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