Candy Birkins and Kellys

chkpfbeliever Posted By chkpfbeliever Posted Jan 6, 2012

  1. I searched the forum and didn't find any thread devoted to discussion of this relatively new color combo bags.

    Mods, if this is a duplicate, please delete as needed.

    Lately, I've seen a lot of nice action pics from our members on these candy birkins so I'm tempted to get one. Was told by my SA that it is considered a RAC order so I'm not allowed to place one for this upcoming Paris podium.

    Would appreciate if you can share your knowledge on ordering and color choices. Show us a picture if you have one. TIA.
  2. Hi there, my avatar shows a 30 B etain / thalassa Birkin. Will try to post more pics later. For fall / winter there was besides the etain bleu eletrique / mykonos, Tosca / rose tyrien
    and brique / orange? I believe
    For spring / summer 11 there was celeste / mykonos, rose tyrien / rubis, lime / gris perle and kiwi / vert veronese
  3. Woohooo...I like this idea. I will post this weekend my RT kelly with Rubis interior! I think this is a great idea so we can see all the color combinations that were / are available!! One version I have not seen much of was the kiwi/vv combination - kiwi was a bit too strong for me but I still would love to see that in action! Thanks Chkpfbeliever, for starting!
  4. There is already a reference thread for special combo/bicolour bags. I believe some people have put their photos there, or in individual reveal threads.
  5. Thanks Ladies, I'm loving all the color combos and photos. Keep them coming !!
  6. Here's my Kiwi Kelly. I'll have to take a new picture with the interior showing. :smile:

  7. Thanks Purse !! Your Kiwi is very yummy !!
  8. Purse, I would love to see the interior!!! I did not know you had a kiwi!!!
  9. Here are a few pictures of my Rose Tyrien Epsom Kelly 32 PHW with Rubis interior from the Spring/Summer 2011 Candy Collection.

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  10. Wow very pretty bags
  11. :ps: love love the bag and the shooooooeees!! Thanks for sharing
  12. good idea, chkpf! nice bags, ladies!
  13. Your bag is beautiful, but pales in comparison to you! Can I have your legs?!!? :smile: